Heliopolis Sporting Club was founded in Cairo on January 1, 1910, by the Cairo Electric Railways and Heliopolis Oases Company, which managed the club until December 31, 1921. On January 1, 1922, the club members took over the management by a contract signed with the company.
The activities of the club included water polo, swimming, diving, squash, tennis, golf, cricket, hockey, bridge, bowling, soccer, handball, basketball, Volleyball, Speed ball, Ballet, Gymnastics, Snooker, Athletics and different kinds of dancing.
In 1947, the area of the club was reduced to its present size (around 19 feddans) after the company took back the land of the golf course. Golf was cancelled after the frequent objections of club members to the large expenses incurred by the game, which, after all, was not played by many members.

Shorouk Branch

Like other major sporting clubs in Egypt, Heliopolis Sporting Club has another branch, in Shorouk City. The total area of the Shorouk branch is three times bigger than the main club in Heliopolis. Thus, that area is more suitable for all developmental and improving future possibilities.